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Explosion Accidents in the Workplace

Los Angeles Explosion Injury Attorney

Although not common, explosions in the workplace do occur and when they do, they can be catastrophic incidents that cause severe injuries to those involved.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an explosion at work, contact a Los Angeles workers' compensation lawyer immediately to find out what you need to do to ensure you obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Explosions can occur in jobs such as underground cable repair, where toxic fumes may accumulate, factories where gases and other chemicals are used and even in smaller work locations using certain types of compressed gas or other chemicals.  An explosion will usually cause a great deal of damage to the surroundings, including injuries such as burns, lacerations, fractures, injuries to the neck, back and spine and can even result in death.  When you have been the victim of an explosion in the workplace, contact the experienced and caring attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group, who can help you present your claim to your employer.

Workers' Comp Benefits You Are Entitled To

When injured at work you are entitled to receive medical treatment for your injuries, as well as a percentage of your weekly pay.  In severe injuries as can result in this type of accident, it is doubly important to retain your own legal counsel to watch out for your interests, as ensuring you obtain the medical care you need to fully recover and are allowed to remain off of work until you are able to return to work is vital to your future health.  Don't let your employer's workers' comp insurance dictate what type of treatment you may be allowed.  Our firm knows the workers' comp system and how best to obtain the benefits you are entitled to.

Contact a Los Angeles Workers' Compensation Lawyer for legal advice when injured in an explosion accident at work.


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